We believe the time is now to take cider production into the new and exciting places it deserves.

    Apples are pressed and fermented on-site for our hero Urban Orchard craft cider, as well as our evolving limited edition and experimental product range. Scroll to find out about our emerging range of craft ciders. 

  • Urban Orchard: Apple Cider

    Our hero cider, and the place where our cider mission started, using unloved apples and those donated by Londoners. 

    Made from a unique blend of London-pressed and country apples, Urban Orchard is a medium dry cider that’s smooth and harmonious in body, complex and rich in texture with a crisp wine like finish.
    ABV: 4.5%

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    Made from our very own Urban Orchard base cider, before being blended with mixed red berries including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry juice for a natural sweetness.

    Slightly dry finish. Fruit cider just got real.
    ABV: 4%


  • Soul Trader: Single Variety

    Taking inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit that drives London life, Soul Trader is made from just a single variety of 2017 discovery apples and fermented on-site by Roberto.

     Pale and bubbly in appearance, the lightly sparkling cider bursts with orange and floral notes that give way to a yeast-like background. Similar in feel to a light champagne, the balanced taste delivers a twist of apple tart, and a pleasing acidity that makes it the ideal precursor to a delicious meal.
    ABV: 5.4%


  • Elephants On Ice: Winter Cider

    1814 gave us London’s last ever Frost Fair, held on the frozen River Thames, and scene to probably its only elephant crossing. Scholars say the gathering would be seen as a cross between a street market and an illegal rave. We say this is the perfect Hawkes homage to a long gone but awesome winter party.

     Deep amber colour in appearance, with warm winter spices that deliver a kick of cinnamon and cloves. Pleasantly sweet, with a smooth finish. Perfect enjoyed both hot as a mulled cider, or served cold.
    ABV: 4%